We are currently unable to ship our products to the United Kingdom.


Got a question? Take a look through our FAQs to find the answers to our most common questions. If you still need help don't hesitate to contact us.

    • Where can I check the state of my order?
    • You can see the state of your order in your customer account. If you don't want to log in, you can check it here. Simply enter your order number in the search field (it begins with PX..). Furthermore you will receive an order and delivery confirmation as soon your order is shipped.

    • How can I cancel or change my order?
    • It's only possible to cancel your order, if the order hasn't been prepared for shipping yet. You have two options to cancel your order:

      1. Log in to your customer account and click on your orders. You can proceed with the cancellation directly in your customer account.

      2. Contact our customer service. Please remember to add your order confirmation number (PX...), so we can find your order easily and can cancel it for you.

      Changing your order is unfortunately not possible. In case you made a mistake, we are happy to cancel the order for you so you can place a new order.

    • Can I re-use my custom design from a previous order or do I have to start all over again?
    • Re-using a motive is not possible. We only save your created designsfor the original order. If you want to use your motive in a different order, you have to set up a new one.

    • How much does shipping cost?
    • You can find an overview of charges depending on product and destination here.

    • When will my order be shipped?
    • Every item is produced individually after we receive the payment. As soon as your order has been processed in our logistics department you will receive a shipping confirmation mail from us.

    • How long does the shipping take?
    • We send our items with Deutsche Post. Due to the current situation, expect a shipping time frame of 4-6 business days. If you don't receive your order, please contact our customer service and we'll take the necessary steps to ensure your order reaches you.

    • Which payments methods do you accept?
    • We offer a variety of payment methods, you can find the overview of them here.

    • When is my payment by Paypal processed?
    • Your PayPal payment will be shown as soon we enter it in our system. PayPal payments are not processed automatically at the moment, so please excuse the small delay. But don't worry, your payment is received if you have entered all your data at PayPal correctly (you can check these in the confirmation email).

    • Do I get a replacement if my article is damaged?
    • Yes. If you don't receive the article you ordered or if it damaged you will get a replacement. If this happens, please contact our customer service.

    • Can I send my order back if i don't like it?
    • Yes. If you send back your order please make sure to include our return form to ensure that we can handle your return swiftly.

    • What are DesignSkins®?
    • DesignSkins® are individually created foils for a device of your choice. Apart from the cool design, the thin foil protects the body from scratches or wear and tear. Convice yourself of the excellent quality of our DesignSkins® as we offer a 100% money-back guarantee incase you aren’t convinced. DesignSkins® are made from a special vinyl foil with thin channels on the sticky side. These enable trapped air to escape, so that no bubbles are trapped. Also they make it possible for you to alter the position of the foils when sticking them on initially. Of course the DesignSkins® can be removed without leaving a trace.

    • What materials are the DesignBags made from?
    • The outer surface is made of structured artificial leather. On the inside we use a soft velour surface. Your device is held inside by a hardcase which is glued to the inside of the DesignBag.

    • Which colour does the foil of the DesignSkins® have without my motive?
    • Die Folie, die wir für unsere DesignSkins® benutzen ist weiß. Der Druck auf transparente Folie ist derzeit noch nicht realisierbar. Wenn du ein eigenes Motiv gestaltest und keine Hintergrundfarbe auswählst, wird die Farbe automatisch weiß sein.

    • I can't find my device in your shop. Is there any way to solve that?
    • If your device is not listed in our shop, please contact our costumer service. They can tell you whether we have plans to support your desired device in the future.

    • My DesignSkin® does not cover the entire surface of the unit, a narrow edge is still visible.
    • For technical reasons some devices cannot be laminated up to the edge. The reason herefor lies in the construction and surface of the device. To ensure an optimal fit we calculate the the size of the foil by the points just stated. By doing so, we can guarentee that your foil will look nice and handling will stay good for as long as possible. Our Designskins® always try to cover as much of the surface of your device as possible since every device is measured individually.

    • Are the motives in your shop also avaible in other colours?
    • No, we cannot offer motives in other colours than shown in our shop.

    • I'd like to have a certain design which isn't listed in your shop yet (e.g. my favourite team or movie). Can you help me out?
    • You can always call our customer center and ask for certain motives. They might tell you if something is planned for the near future. If nothing is planned for the future, you can also ask the owner of the motives directly and tell him about us and our products. :)

    • I didn’t receive an order confirmation email.
    • If you didn’t receive an order confirmation email, it might have one of the following reasons:
      You entered an incorrect email address.
      The order confirmation went to your spam folder.
      Your order wasn't completed.
      Your order was received, but there was a system failure on our end and the order confirmation email wasn’t sent.
      If you can exclude the first three points, please contact our customer service. We will immediately check your order. In this case we need your email address and name with which you completed the order.

    • Will the colours on the product look the same as on my monitor later?
    • Every monitor shows colours differently, so it can come to differences between the printed motive and the colours on your display.